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Rainbow Dash II by macalaniaa

Ah, this is a lovely piece, and for a new tablet, it's a great way to settle in, and the result was lovely. I had a few problem with it, but nit-picks later.

One of my greatest likes, upsides, what-have-you for this piece is it's pure sketchy brilliance in terms of style. It looks like a scan that came out well, and digital art looking that traditional is, from my standpoint, something to be admired.

I loved the shading, it is done near-flawlessly, it looks amazing, and the shading is one of the big things in any art for making it better without the viewer realising it.

Onto my unfortunate problems with this.

One of the biggest things was her proportions. Her legs seems stubby, and her head is a bit small, and it kills the feel of a great piece like this. Next time, before you move out of the lineart stage, make a perfunctory check-over to see if it all looks okay.

The shine was a bit overdone. Sure, it looks great in moderation, but moderation is the key word in here. You have placed it a little excessively, and the piece suffers somewhat for it, try going a little less next time.

The ear is both a bit big and far too pale. It looks like you rushed it a little, and though this is only a practice piece, you could really have made this something special with a bit of effort.

The wings, while lovely, are a bit big and over-shaded. Maybe, as before, a consistent level of effort throughout the piece, even if it has to be a lower level of overall effort.

All in all, I really did enjoy this piece, but as practice, there are of course going to be some flaws. I'd rate this a 7/10, and I really can't wait to see what happens when you move out of the practice stage!
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